The Fable of the Thirsty Son


A man said to his son, “Behold my son this huge water tank of mine, it is yours too and you may have one drop each second. The day was dry and the hot sun made the son thirsty, one drink from the dripping tap each hour was not enough to satisfy him so when his father was away he decided to climb the tank. When he reached the top he took a long refreshing drink, then another, and another until he could drink no more. When his father returned and asked his son, “Son, is there water still coming from our tank?” he replied “Yes father, don’t you see it drips into my cup until it almost fills it?”, “Then let me see you drink...” said the man. Looking at his feet the boy confessed “Father I cannot”. After a pause the man smiled and said to his son “Maybe not, but you can climb.” and they laughed.